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Louisiana is the HOME of the Cajun Sha Bebe Dolls (c)
By: Mary Lynn H Plaisance
Doll Artist and Author
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Teddy and Mary Lynn's Anniversary

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1965 LCO Bulldogs Class Get Together-- in 2016

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Book Signing at Beb's Cajun Doll House

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A Quizard is Born

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A Quizard is Born by Mary Lynn Plaisance

A Quizard is Born. Twins. Princess Maggie and Princess Molly are alive in the doll land of Sha Bebe.  Born to Queen Faustina and Wizard Antoine. But the baby Quizard needs something from a key. What is it that the Quizard needs? 

A human witch doctor with a sorted past, Dr. Ophelia Amedee, now needs a new baby Quizard to stay alive. Will she get a beautiful baby Quizard?
Stay tuned for updates on Facebook. The story is evolving into yet another great fairytale by Mary Lynn Plaisance..  Mama of the Sha Bebe Dolls (c)

Books by Mary Lynn Plaisance

--- Do you Believe -- In the Land of Sha Bebe
---Cajun Fairies -- In the Land of Sha Bebe
---The Wizard of Swamp Alley -- In the Land of Sha Bebe
---A Quizard is Born -- In the Doll Land of Sha Bebe
----------- coming in 2016

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                                                          An Awe Sha Production

Hello Bloggers,

I have a new Facebook page for my books. I'm well on my way writing my 4th book titledA Quizard is Born. 

What is a Quizard?  The book will be out at the end of the year or the beginning of 2016.
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Mary Lynn H. Plaisance
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 Episode 2  of -- Mirror Mirror on the Stand. 

There is a Magical Doll Land in the sugar cane fields of Louisiana. It's called The Land of Sha Bebe. I'll take you through all of the different characters who live there, as well as tell a few stories. It's a magical place to be . Episode 2 features Queen Faustina and her cat Dupre. Also, show and tell about the "Run of the Quilts".


 Episode 1 of -- Mirror Mirror on the Stand. 

 Beb's Cajun Doll House,

I say the word AND too much, but that's how I speak. lol... I use my hands to talk , also.  I'd like honest feedback, a yes or no will do,  -- 

I hope you enjoy it. Thank you...

TV Interview with LCN - TV

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Hello, I'm a Cajun Sha Bebe Doll

The Original Sha Bebe Doll

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The Original Sha Bebe Doll

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                                                          By Mary Lynn Plaisance
                            Doll Artist and Author

​All rights reserved. All characters and titles​​
are protected by copyright law to Mary Lynn Plaisance (c) 


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About the fairy tale stories by Mary Lynn Plaisance.

In the Doll Land of Sha Bebe Trilogy by Fantasy Cajun Author Mary Lynn Plaisance
Book One
Title ------------------------Do you believe?  In the Land of Sha Bebe
Author Name-------------- Mary Lynn Plaisance
Publisher Name-----------  BeBs Publishing
ISBN (If Available) -----  0 9752766 0 3
Genre ----------------------   Teen/Adult -- Fantasy/ Fiction
Through the sugarcane fields of Louisiana we are taken on an enchanting journey into a world of rag dolls living in a magical land! Jolie and Beau show Emily that our lives are constantly changing and that death is a natural process of life. Most importantly, they teach her that there is beauty and magic in life if only we believe. Is the legend of the Sha Bebe true?

Book Two

Title----------------------- Cajun Fairies -- In the Land of Sha Bebe
Author Name -----------  Mary Lynn Plaisance
Publisher Name --------  Author House
ISBN (If Available) ---- 1 4259 1093  9
Genre  --------------------  Teen/Adult -- Fantasy/ Fiction
Another whimsical fairy tale by Mary Lynn Plaisance about the Sha Bebe Dolls who live in the sugarcane fields of Louisiana. Cajun Fairies will pull you into another dimension that you will not want to leave. A wicked Cajun Fairy, Robes Pierre, takes over the spirit of the enchanted Land of Sha Bebe, in the sugarcane fields of Louisiana. He had that much power! No one, ever had that much power to threaten the doll land. All of the dolls and the residents are put under the wicked influences of Robes Pierre. Will he succeed in taking the magical land? If not, who will save the land?

Book Three:

Title -------------------  The Wizard of Swamp Alley  -- In the Land of Sha Bebe
Author Name --------   Mary Lynn Plaisance
Publisher Name -----   Author House
ISBN (If Available) --  978  1  4259  9273  6
Genre ------------------- Teen/Adult -- Fantasy/ Fiction
Swamp Alley is a portal between this side and the other side. A Cajun Wizard named Antoine Clement Hebert, lives near Swamp Alley which is behind The Land of Sha Bebe. He keeps balance between both sides by playing his fiddle, but he was kidnapped by “them”. Today, the Ghosts of Swamp Alley protect the ones on this side from the opposite presence who occupy the other side. Who or what is this presence, and where is this place that has the Wizard trapped? Could he be in the dreaded Land of Lackluster?
Marie La Vie yelled, "Oh Moi gris-gris," at the thought of Antoine being there, and she explains this other place very well. It's a place that has always existed all over the world ---- even today, it still exists.

Sometimes, the presence of the other side may be near YOU.

The Wizard of Swamp Alley is centered around Halloween, when the veil between this side and the other side is at it’s thinnest, and the Wizard is gone. Who has the knowledge to return the Wizard to his homeland, so that the Sha Bebe dolls can leave for the famous Halloween run of the quilts that’s elaborately put on by Madame Poulette every year?

Joy, happiness, mystery and suspense thrive in the sugarcane fields of the Land of Sha Bebe. Remember The Land of Sha Bebe. It will become a very familiar place one day!

Beb's Cajun Doll House ETSY Shop

Etsy Shop will be posting DOLLS and The Cajun Fairy.

EACH Cloth Doll is a OOAK, because each  face is hand made.
​The face of Sha Bebe and the name Cajun Sha Bebe Doll are copyrighted..(C)
All of the dolls from Beb's Cajun Doll House are collectibles and not meant for play. You will see fringed
edges on the doll hair, and on some of the doll clothing,  perhaps a spot of glue here and there. These tiny
imperfections are signs of a handmade item.  I like a raggedy, but chic cloth doll.
The Cajun Fairy doll are totally unique, have big eyes, are bizarre, but that's how the story of the Feufollet was told to me.  I design each doll to have it's own unique look with the face that is copyrighted to the Sha Bebe Collection. (c)
I can not do commission work or take special requests for color of hair, eyes, or dress styles etc. I won't
re-create sold pieces. I'm an artist and my heart goes into every piece I create. I hope you can see and feel that in my work. I have a creative process and flow which is my own style. When I try to work through someone else's ideas or visions, my own creativity is lost, and I'm then creating an idea that someone else had.. Sha Bebe speaks to me. I have said many times that I didn't create the dolls, THEY made ME create them. Hopefully, I will create a piece that speaks especially to you. Thank you.

** Price of the dolls range from $25.00  to $300.00 depending on the size and what fabrics are involved.**